Nobody is Above the Law - Protect The Mueller Investigation


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Due to no new movement at White House against Mueller and the smoke conditions, we’ll meet up again Saturday, December 1 at 5pm! We’ll have poster board and markers! Bring lights and any extra folding chairs you can share for our seniors or with accessibility requirements. This is the "Break Glass in Case of Emergency" plan to protect the Mueller investigation. 5pm (local time) protests tomorrow/Thursday Nov 8. We knew this would happen at some point -- the day has arrived. Nobody is Above the Law. Jeff Sessions just announced his resignation as Attorney General - and Trump has appointed Matthew Whitaker as his replacement. This removes Rod Rosenstein as the head of the Mueller investigation. Whitaker is on record describing a plan to undermine the investigation.


TIMING NOTE: This event has not been confirmed by the host recently. Please check the event map at for a confirmed event near you. If there is no other event near you, you can still take action to demand Barr #ReleaseTheReport. Add your name to a petition with tens of thousands of others demanding Barr release the full report now: Watch the livestream on MoveOn's Facebook page of the "Release the Report" rally in Washington, D.C., at 5pm ET on Thursday, April 4.


San Mateo County Museum

Redwood City, CA 94063


Gloria P.

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