Nobody Is Above the Law - Mueller Firing Protest Rally (An Indivisible-CommonGround-OFA event)


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Earlier today, Donald Trump installed a crony to oversee special counsel Robert Mueller's investigation, crossing a red line. We are activating the Nobody Is Above the Law network. By replacing Rod Rosenstein with just-named Acting Attorney General Matthew Whitaker as Mueller's boss overseeing the investigation, Trump has undercut the independence of the investigation. Whitaker has publicly outlined strategies to stifle the investigation and cannot be allowed to remain in charge of it. We cannot allow Trump to ignore the results of the election and act with impunity. If this isn't the moment when Congress puts country over party to hold Trump accountable, it's not clear whether it will ever happen. Let's show our lawmakers that we won't stand by while they allow Trump to slide the United States into authoritarianism. Join us outside the Democratic HQ in Sylva with your protest signs as cars drive by to let others know that nobody is above the law. Because this is a busy road at 5 pm we will only be able to hold signs in support of our cause.


TIMING NOTE: This event has not been confirmed by the host recently. Please check the event map at for a confirmed event near you. If there is no other event near you, you can still take action to demand Barr #ReleaseTheReport. Add your name to a petition with tens of thousands of others demanding Barr release the full report now: Watch the livestream on MoveOn's Facebook page of the "Release the Report" rally in Washington, D.C., at 5pm ET on Thursday, April 4.


In front of the Jackson County Democratic HQ

Sylva, NC 28779


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